A toaster oven is a beneficial kitchen appliance these days. It and occupies a small space as compared to traditional ovens. It is pretty similar to a conventional oven but small in size. It usually has heating elements on the top and bottom; some models also have the heating element to the left and right sides. The front is a door which separates in inside of the love inform the outside. It is made from transparent material so people can see inside the oven and check the food. Toaster ovens are also equipped with a bulb inside to provide interior light. In the past, the timers were manual, but now toaster ovens are equipped with digital timers, digital displays, and different settings. 

Basic Toaster Oven Setting

The easy to go formula for using the toaster oven for anything you want to toast, broil or bake are as follows:

Other than that, the toaster ovens have different settings with respect to the three common modes. Some high-end models might have more as well. You can use toaster ovens in the following ways:

1. Baking

All the bakeware like pans, racks, and grill some even have drip pans comes along with the oven. But before you start baking or cooking, make sure that you preheat the oven to reach the desired temperature. You will notice that the toaster oven will pre-heat faster than the traditional oven. Most of the heat is coming from the bottom. The upper heating element also works but at a low watt. They also have some warm spots where they are warm, so make sure that you rotate the dish or sliced bread halfway to prevent excessive browning.   

Kitchen appliances like toaster ovens are also relatively faster than other kitchen appliances or utensils. Kindly see the shortest time in your recipe as you don’t want burnt food on the table. If you are not sure, you check it well. It does happen initially, but sometimes you will have a pretty good idea of how the oven bakes, and you will have a variety of dishes to cook from your oven toaster. When the time limit reaches, the appliance will notify you with a beep sound. There are many dishes you can cook in the toaster oven. Some of them are cookies, baked sweet potatoes, waffles, cakes, Pizza, pastries, and muffins

The good thing about the toaster oven is that it is equipped with a nonstick baking pan and a stainless-steel grill, making them easy to clean so you can all the bread loaf you want without the problem of clean-up. There is also a defrost feature in the toaster ovens, making it a lot easier to cook frozen foods. You can buy a  frozen pizza from the market and bake it according to your liking. You can easily bake pizza which is why they are also referred to as a pizza oven. 

2. Roasting

There is a slight difference between roast and broil. In roasting, the heat comes from all sides and is less intense, whereas, in broiling, the heat only comes from one side or the top and is more intense. And the good thing about the toaster over is that you can do both in it. Either you are in a mood for the broiled food or wanting the roasted one, the toaster oven got you covered! Due to this feature, a toaster oven is also called a countertop oven. All the things necessary for roasting are also present in the oven, So you don’t have you buy things separately from the store for grilling chicken. 

3. Toasting 

A toaster oven can also be used for toasting, and you can ale be a lot more creative in a Toaster oven since you do not face a space issue like a standard toaster. So you can toast bread which cheez or in any way you like. You can also make sandwiches with different ingredients in them. You can also try and make some tasty hot dogs in the ovens as well.

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This article tells you how to use the toaster ovens. The main reason behind having a toaster oven is that it saves your time and energy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you need convection in a toaster oven?
One problem that people counter is that the food is cooked unevenly in the toaster oven, because heating elements are placed on the top bottom and the sides, So some places are warmer than others due to this reason the food is cooked unevenly. To solve this problem, the manufacturers added a fan in the oven that moves the hot air around, so the warm air surrounds the food and is cooked evenly from all the sides. So If you don’t want your food to be cooked unevenly, you need to buy a convection toaster oven. They are more expensive than conventional ovens, but convection cooking ovens are better than regular ovens.

What can you not put in a toaster oven?
The first thing will be glass. You should not put any glassware like cups and glass trays in the toasted as they may explode in the oven causing damage. 
You should not use paper products like paper plates in the toaster oven.
Cardboard is also a no in the toaster oven as they are flammable and can catch fire.
You should also not use plastics utensils in the taster oven as they can melt.
Do not use styrofoam containers in the toaster oven.
You should also not use mason jars and parchment paper in the toaster oven.
The coffee mugs are not the best thing to put in the toaster ovens. Mug cake sounds very nice, but most of these products have no information about heat or usage. 
Aluminum foil is very tricky to use in toaster ovens. Some manufacturers recommend it and give specific instructions, while some mention not to use aluminum foil in the toaster oven. So using aluminum foil on the crumb tray is probably not the best idea as it can catch fire inside. 

What can you put in a toaster oven?
You can put in a variety of items. Some examples are bread, muffins, pies, casseroles, frozen pizzas