People seem to be divided on the question of what goes on a toaster. Some think one should only put bread in the machine, and others argue that eggs, hamburgers, or even frozen waffles can be added with some success. Some people swear they have never had an issue with burnt toast, while others say it is almost impossible not to get browned residue on their bagels by day 3. Some readers have been known to claim the opposite-that the thick-sliced bread takes much longer to toast. We hope to settle this debate once and for all.

Foods to Put In a Toaster

Bread. This is an obvious one. The toaster is a bread-toaster, after all. You can put any bread in a toaster, including whole wheat, rye, and white.

Bagels. If you put too much in the toaster, it will take longer than normal and produce more grease, but they turn out fine if you put them in slow enough.

Toast. Everybody knows that toast is made in a toaster, but not everybody knows that you can put the same bread twice to make toast.

English muffins. These bagels don’t have such a massive hole in the middle and take longer to cook than regular bagels. You can just use regular bagels if you don’t feel like making English muffins.

Eggs. These are good to put in the toaster because you can make egg sandwiches with them. They also work well on toast or bagels.

Cheese or ham slices. These are easy to make and pretty tasty. People like them a lot.

Breakfast sandwich. Pick several of the above items, put them on some bread, and enjoy.

Macaroni and cheese. Macaroni and cheese were always made in a toaster, even before it came with instructions.

Hamburger. Although not precisely toaster food, it is easy to put in the toaster after being frozen first. You can also make crispy fries by putting them in the freezer first too.

Ice cream treats. Like waffles, this works exceptionally well on English muffins or bagels because you can make ice cream sandwiches out of them too.

Chips (not fried). You can put corn chips or other “healthy” chips into the toaster if you want to be healthy.

Foods You Shouldn’t Put In a Toaster:

Fried potatoes. You can’t put french fries in a toaster because they would turn into hockey pucks before the toast would be made.

Jelly. Toasters are non-stick frying pans, so putting jelly in one would be too sticky to work.

Steak. You can’t put the steak into a toaster because it is too cold for the meat to cook fast enough before it freezes on the way up the toaster slots.

Cupcakes. They wouldn’t cook fast enough to be crispy on the outside but not too cold on the inside.

Pancakes. The same thing goes for pancakes, except that you would need to use an entire stick of butter or two sticks of margarine if you wanted to get them brown instead of just white on the bottom.

Breadsticks. Toasters are not meant for breadstick making, so putting a bunch of them in a toaster would probably fry them.

Peanut butter. This is tricky because the toaster may melt the peanut butter and make it go all over the toast, but if you put lots on the bread, it looks nice and just makes getting all of it off more difficult.

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Toasters can be used for lots of things, but not everything. If you are wondering if something can be put in a toaster, try it. It might not work the first day, but if you keep trying, you will eventually get the hang of it. You would be surprised what you can make with a toaster and what you can’t. It is worth the try. 


How do I put multiple things in my toaster at once?
You have to use a single slot toaster for this, so you can’t put two slices of bread, an English muffin, and a bagel in the toaster at once. You could make a sandwich with two halves of bread and one and a half bagels and three and a half English muffins (or the equivalent) for breakfast, though.

When is the best time to use a toaster?
Generally, you want to use your toaster around 8:00 A.M. or so, or between 7:45 and 8:15 A.M. If you wait any longer than this, you risk having no bread left and going out and buying more, which may be difficult if it is the weekend. If you wait earlier than this, say around 5:00 A.M. or so, the bread may be so cold it will not toast, and you would have to wait until it warmed up again.

What toast should I use for my toaster?
It depends on what you want your toast to look like. If you just want a basic piece of bread that looks like toast, then use whatever bread is on hand, usually white or wheat. If you want something more interesting such as an English muffin or bagel, then think about the type of food you want it to handle.